We are specialized in the development of predictive solutions for the industry as well as in the creation of trading signals in finance. We help companies innovate with AI: enrich customer knowledge, automate processes, predict anomalies, optimize investment strategies, etc.

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Data Science Consulting

Scorelab combines knowledge from the latest academic research in machine learning, expertise industrial and entrepreneurial experience to innovate. We develop custom algorithms to meet the needs of each project. Machine Learning is at the heart of our developments with our partners and customers.

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Scorelab promotes an intellectual culture derived from academic research in mathematics and physics.


Guillaume Forcade

CEO & co-founder

Guillaume is the CEO and founder of Scorelab. He manages the team, supports the strategy and manages customer relationships.
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Dr. Jean-Baptiste Pautrizel

Chief Scientist & co-founder

PhD in Physics from Ecole Centrale Paris, Jean-Baptiste is co-founder and scientific director. He applies his knowledge of physics to financial markets. He is in charge of research in quantitative finance.
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Dr. Adrien Todeschini

Chief Data Scientist & Associate

Adrien holds a PhD in applied mathematics and is an expert in statistical learning and recommender systems. He is the lead data scientist of the team.
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Kevin Baudin

Data Scientist - Quant Researcher

Holder of a master’s degree in financial mathematics and statistics, Kevin develops innovative investment signals for our clients.
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Wassek Al Chahid

Full Stack Developer

Wassek is the Full Stack developer of Scorelab. Specialist Python, Django and Databases, he manages the various Scorelab products on the web and ensures an optimal final rendering for our customers.
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